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Quality Code 

To provide a superior service, it is essential to use superior equipment and exceptional products. Everything use in our Manicures and Blowouts has been carefully selected in order to deliver the best performance, and assure your hair and nails superior quality for healthy and reliable results. That is why we not manufacture our own branded products, we trust in experts who have been working for years, to grant you the highest results to prolongue, repair and improve your hair and nails health.

Blow to Paris Guarantee

Our Heart

Why Paris? Paris perfectly portraits : style, fashion & beauty. It is an iconic city known for its high standards, quality & culture... our mission is to provide a Parisian experience by performing the most glamorous, stylish & delicate services, taking care of every single detail, so you only have to worry about enjoying your beautification process while drinking a chic cup of Tea!

We do not only want to resemble Paris in its style, we also strive to maintain its high quality standards, by taking care of every single process and grant you an impecable Blowout and Nail service. In order to fulfill that, we have made three biggest changes to the industry .


First, we improved the market's cleanliness standards by creating The Sanitizing Lab, a room inside the salon dedicated to the hygiene, sterilization and cleanness of every equipment & product involve in service procedures. Second, we endevor to provide an experience, not a service, and give a deserved, classy and rejuvenating moment only for yourself. Finally, we put all our efforts to give you a unique feeling inside an atypical salon. We have worked in every detail to provide you a different and unparalleled experience that can only be found when you pursuit distinction.

Our Heart

Our Motto is a promise with you,a commitment to provide you an unparalleled experience.


Same time.

Same place.

Our Motto

1. Blow to Paris is committed with women.

2. Committed to work with so much heart & devotion.

3. Committed to provide the highest Hygiene & Cleanliness standards.

4. We are committed to work with Passion, Kindness and Dedication.

5. Committed to make you feel  gorgeous with an Exceptional service.

6. Committed to assure you a Glamorous Parisian experience. 

7. Committed to work responsibly and stand by our principles.

8. Committed with our Team welfare and growth.

9. Committed  with the society and girls.

10. And we are committed with you. With your hair and nails allure.

Blow to Paris Pinky Swear! 



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